why have a data strategy

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why have a data strategy

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Book Review: Data Management and Governance Services, 1,000 Artificial Intelligence Case Studies, Artificial Intelligence Primer and Glossary – FREE for you, IDG’s Enterprise 2016 Data & Analytics Research, Finding correlations across multiple disparate data sources. A Typical Enterprise Data Strategy includes the following components: Now we’re ready to address why Data Architects are typically involved in creating and executing Enterprise Data Strategy. Please feel free to comment. It’s about time we gave data some respect and have a data-focused strategy. Once you know how you want to use data, your next task is to turn that into a data strategy. While CTO, CIO or CDO’s (Chief Data Officer) might quality to lead such a task, often times they are stretched too thin to focus on building the comprehensive Strategies necessary to make a real difference for the organization. Initial or top level expectations for enterprise-wide service level metrics (for data systems and data quality). Identification of key enterprise challenges and anticipated design decisions. why have a data strategy? Data Analytics and Big Data are at the pinnacle of any corporate agenda. So how does an enterprise get on with it if it’s not already there? So it’s important to show employees how data has a positive impact on business, like decreasing expenses and taking some of the risk out of new ventures. Data Architects make good candidates for helping to craft Enterprise Data Strategy because they are typically charged with defining all existing and future data related systems capability. Data has become critical to achieving competitive advantage in business. Just to make sure we are all on the same page, let’s start with some fundamental questions. //

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